Platinum Plan

...where and when you need it
Things can start to get better from here.  Whether it's you, a loved one or a client you support A New Entry may just provide you with the opportunity you have been looking for to engage the supportive resources you need.
Challenge For Success
A New Entry may be the next step in your success
If you are ready to look beyond the setbacks of your current situation; are ready to engage a purpose-filled life and are willing to receive guidance for this journey, we believe that you will once again serve yourself, family and community with pride and excellence.
"A New Entry is the best choice I could of made to begin the rest of my life.

Dan K.  - Veteran, former resident & house alumnus

Comprehensive licensed residential care for recovery from substance and alcohol dependence... 

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If you are a veteran or individual in recovery you may qualify for our award winning, goal oriented housing...

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A New Entry provides cost effective individual, couple and family counseling for the community...  

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A New Entry Inc
A new start, A new life, A new entry
Anewentry Inc.
Hope Now
Compassionate Service
...with a heart for the community 
A New Entry believes in its mission to see every individual touched by addiction restored to their God designed passionate purpose.  We believe that every experience can serve us in the building of our future.  No one has to walk alone and we believe that our compassionate experience will help you on your journey.